*What is a Luxury Home? Do You Know?

Defining What A Luxury Home Is

A luxury home is easy for most to see but difficult for many to put into words.

IMG_1011Let’s start with the basics: a luxury home is not defined by size or architectural style.  That is just a buyer preference. Homes are sometimes handed the luxury status by location but beware on that one because the interior and exterior finishes in the home might require a complete renovation to really become luxury.  If a home is simply large but has cheap or average finishes, it just won’t be considered luxury.   Wood, stone, glass, steel and quality fabrics that blend themselves together are required to create luxury.  Realtor’s and buyers most often do not believe that homes with low ceilings are luxury.  Conversely high ceilings would never in themselves be a reason to define a home as luxurious. You can definitely turn what should be a luxury home into a non-luxury home simply by choosing the wrong blend of finishes, the wrong accoutrements, by neglect or with unsitely clutter and unneeded “stuff”.

A luxury home is perceived to be luxury by its viewer.  Generally the moment you see a luxury home, you know it.  Even if it is not the architectural style you prefer, you can appreciate it.  Whether modern or traditional, luxury homes should be built solidly and have good infrastructure.  A luxury home should have views that intrigue whether natural or man made.  An appealing neighborhood, a home on a great piece of land or a “big views” property sure help. Inside, it must have scale, balance and flow with relation to its size.   If it doesn’t, it’s probably not luxury.  (A quick study on Phi, the golden ratio would help you to understand the importance of scale)… It is important that the materials, surfaces and finishes support each other.  The windows should allow sufficient light and views for you to enjoy the day from within.  A luxury home should give you all that you need.  It should also be a level or two above even upscale homes.  Luxury homes don’t have to be in the most coveted location but again, location is and always will be important.  It should for resale value, have a presence.  It should also be unique, best described as having personality.  I repeat that luxury homes don’t need to be large.  Many feel that natural materials aid significantly in obtaining luxury status.  In the end, there are no exact specifications  that dictate what a luxury home should contain.  That would be wrong.  As technology advances, there are constantly new and interesting materials created every year that deserve to be incorporated into the luxury category.  Technology is also affording more and more of us to experience new levels of luxury, and that is a very good thing!  Call me and I’ll show you incredible homes that define luxury.  Connect with Rick on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Rick Ortega has been involved in luxury real estate and design related services most of his life.  Many of the projects he has worked on have been published.  See a luxury home below or go to Rick’s search box on his home page and find some luxury homes for yourself.   ;-)

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*To Renovate or Not to Renovate, That is the Question.

When you renovate you enter a world within a world.

The V.1 version of reasons to renovate.  More V’s to come!

renovateBoy do I like to renovate!  It’s so much fun to take something that most often was never done right and transform it into a work of art. The renovate forum of the day deals with the theory of why do it at all?  It starts with vision…some people are better able to envision the possibilities of renovation than they are imagining a house that hasn’t been built.  Sometimes it’s just easier to see what something can become when most of it is already there.  Next, the location of an existing home to renovate can oft times be better than where a new home might be built.  Other reasons include:  Permits are often easier and much less expensive to acquire…Many times a home won’t sell in the condition it’s in, so it can be purchased at a significant discount…To renovate is often faster than to build from scratch…The list goes on, but suffice it to say, unless you mess things up, you often get what you want if you renovate correctly.  We’ll cover other considerations in future renovation posts.

From renovation comes transformation.  Some even receive Rick’s WOW Award, what is the meaning of the WOW Award?  Click here to see for yourself.  Connect with Rick on Facebook or LinkedIn, or write a comment, the comment tab is on the top left of this post.    ;-)

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