Riding a Bike is Such a Good Thing


Bike Riding is good for the body and mind.

There are few better places to ride a bike…

Bike riding can be social or you can do it by yourself…  Bike riding is mostly inexpensive… Bike riding takes little time to do…  It is an activity for the masses and we don’t have to be competitive while doing it.  There are so many benefits to riding a bike, here are a few:  It is good for your heart, your muscles, your waist, your life span,  your mental health, your strength and your stamina.  It eats up calories, it helps you stay coordinated and it is not age dependent.  If your feeling sluggish it can improve your energy levels.  Bike riding is also a lot of fun!

It is difficult to argue with the many good things that come with riding a bike.  So where does one ride?  The Palm Springs to La Quinta area is a great place to ride!  There are hundreds of miles of places to ride.  The terrain is plentiful for the beginner and the pro circuit rider alike.  Beginners have all of the flat terrain they desire.  Experts have some of the steepest and or longest rides found anywhere.  The bike paths are wide and abundant especially in La Quinta.

So riding a bike here is a no-brainer.  The weather here is most accommodating, the physical and mental health benefits are great.  There is endless terrain and it’s a lot of fun.  What are you waiting for?  Slim your waist, protect your ticker and have a good time doing it.   8-)   Check out this article on a local bike event and don’t forget to call me if you need real estate help.  Good Riding!



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*The Pros and Cons of Swimming Pools

Buy the best dealsSwimming Pools Provide the Best Kind of Exercise

Yes, but what about the other stuff and what do swimming pools cost?

Let’s consider the facts about swimming. There are few things you can do that are better for you than swimming.  As an exercise, the benefits you get are hard to argue with. Swimming is good for your heart.  It builds better muscle tone and is a great calorie burner.  Swimming promotes better flexibility and is friendly on your skeletal system. Swimming  is a resistance exercise.  It helps produce endorphin’s which are “feel good” chemicals.  So why don’t we all swim?  I don’t know…

Now, let’s talk about swimming pools from a real estate point of view.  Generally, the kids (or grand kids) love them.  If they are maintained, swimming pools usually look pretty good and make a home more attractive.  They are a great heat breaker.  They make good theater socially and especially for parties.   As stated above, they are perfect for exercise.  So what’s the downside of having a swimming pool?  Well, there are a few.  To start with, they often become like the other exercise machines in the house… unused.  They require continual maintenance.  They are expensive to heat, to maintain and to repair when parts and electronics wear out.  Swimming pools can also have leaks. When that happens you have water waste, water expense and renovation costs that can be punitive. So before my clients buy a house that has a swimming pool, we get a thorough professional inspection on it.  If there are issues, we get repair estimates to know what we are dealing with.  If you don’t do this then I would suggest that you reconsider buying the home. If you don’t intend to use your swimming pool and you are building a home then I would consider to just plumb and wire for future installation.  If you intend to build a pool, I would suggest using really reliable equipment installed by a seasoned and reputable company with guarantees. Most swimming pools do not need to be very deep (less water and heating costs) and rectilinear swimming pools tend to be better for swimming laps.  It is good that you consider the pros and cons of a swimming pool before you have one.  The link below expounds on the many great benefits of swimming.  Have a look.   :-)


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