What are the best houses to invest in?

Does location matter?

Location is key.

What are the best houses to invest in?  Who’s got the right answer?  I feel that after all the years of experience and watching the success that my clients have realized, I can share a little bit of knowledge on this one.  To start, you should know that if you “hope and pray” that you will make a good real estate investment then you’re playing Russian Roulette, real estate style.    Also, there are different philosophies of investment depending on if you occupy or are a landlord of the premises.  In the end though location is key. Remember this forever.  Going a further, it is the land underneath the structure that is very important when you want to invest.  The structure itself usually depreciates.  A home in less desirable location may not go up no matter what you do and how much you spend on it unless the demand for housing is very high.  If that’s the case then you have to judge when to buy and when to sell because no real estate cycle last forever.  So remember that the best location is usually more desired and is less prone to suffer in a down market.  A smaller home in a great location might well sell faster and for more than a larger home in a less desirable location.  On the other hand, if you are the landlord, location might be less important.  Strong rent roll and tenant occupancy rates are a bigger consideration.  I have seen investors do incredibly well being landlords if they tend to and maintain their properties. So, what are to the best houses to invest in?  Location as stated before is key.  Material facts about a community, the market, its trends and where the market is in its cycle all have to do with a successful investment.  I like to share this information with my clients so they can make good decisions when buying or selling properties.  I would also caution you to beware of little things that add up when owning a home.  For instance high maintenance to the interior and exterior of the home and the grounds around it can be so expensive that the costs match the homes appreciation value.  You must also remember that property taxes also deplete the bottom line of your investment.  So in the end, get me or another qualified agent to help you find a property that works for you.  Below are some of the considerations I look at when helping my clients find a good property. The following is intended to guide you along the right path so you can invest successfully.  This is a guide of a few things to research, although there are more.  If you want real help, then call me…

  • Location
  • Supply and Demand
  • Historical and Material Facts about the area
  • Trends
  • Demographics
  • Zoning in and around the subject property
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Schools
  • Renovation costs
  • Maintenance
  • Lending Rates


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