*To Renovate or Not to Renovate, That is the Question.

When you renovate you enter a world within a world.

The V.1 version of reasons to renovate.  More V’s to come!

renovateBoy do I like to renovate!  It’s so much fun to take something that most often was never done right and transform it into a work of art. The renovate forum of the day deals with the theory of why do it at all?  It starts with vision…some people are better able to envision the possibilities of renovation than they are imagining a house that hasn’t been built.  Sometimes it’s just easier to see what something can become when most of it is already there.  Next, the location of an existing home to renovate can oft times be better than where a new home might be built.  Other reasons include:  Permits are often easier and much less expensive to acquire…Many times a home won’t sell in the condition it’s in, so it can be purchased at a significant discount…To renovate is often faster than to build from scratch…The list goes on, but suffice it to say, unless you mess things up, you often get what you want if you renovate correctly.  We’ll cover other considerations in future renovation posts.

From renovation comes transformation.  Some even receive Rick’s WOW Award, what is the meaning of the WOW Award?  Click here to see for yourself.  Connect with Rick on Facebook or LinkedIn, or write a comment, the comment tab is on the top left of this post.    ;-)

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