*What it Takes to Have Privacy

DSC_0731Rick’s Sure Fire Way to Have Privacy

What Edward Snowden taught us that we already knew about privacy.

Privacy is tough to keep these days.  Basically, if you want privacy then don’t:  make phone calls, send emails, tweet, use any type of social media, use credit cards, bank, require health care, buy cars, go to school or do much of anything else.  The point is that we live in a different world now, than we did not so many years ago.  The privacy we used to enjoy for better or for worse is gone forever.  Digital information stores what we do in our lives, on a constant basis.  So it’s time we redefine our privacy. Let’s start by realizing that governments and businesses around the world have access to and share/sell  information about us.  They know what we have done, what we are doing now and finally, they predict what we are likely to do in the future.  We have also lost some of our privacy because we now have to protect ourselves from ourselves.  An example is that we are now body scanned at the airport to discourage the bad from trying to do bad things to us.  A long list of examples could go on, but not at this writing.  Recent polls show that the public is in favor of giving up some of its privacy to gain safety.

A privacy debate for the future asks at what point will our 4th Amendment rights be violated.  I expect it will be heated.  Privacy is defined as “being apart from observation” and “freedom from unauthorized intrusion”.  It appears, that we may need an amendment to the definition because the digital world with all its good and bad has forever changed the privacy we once knew and understood…Connect with Rick on Facebook or LinkedIn.


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